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Driver Education

North Carolina has a lot of personalized license plates, and I love reading them. It is amazing what people can squeeze into eight characters. I am surprised that I haven’t been in an accident, as I sometimes get distracted at … Continue reading

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Succulent Container Garden

Plants add so much to a room—color, texture, a bit of nature inside. In theory, I love plants. In practice, I forget to water them, or I have trouble matching a plant to the amount of sunlight that makes it … Continue reading

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Adventures in Composting

It was time. I felt guilty every time I peeled a bag of potatoes and put the peels in the trash. We had done a good job cutting down on our family’s weekly trash by recycling, but we generated a … Continue reading

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New Life for Old Jeans

Awhile back I saw a denim quilt and thought, “I could make one of those.” I started saving our worn out jeans and cutting out squares when I had some time. These projects always take me longer than I think … Continue reading

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