Driver Education

North Carolina has a lot of personalized license plates, and I love reading them. It is amazing what people can squeeze into eight characters. I am surprised that I haven’t been in an accident, as I sometimes get distracted at traffic lights or follow a little too closely when I am trying to decode a particularly clever vanity plate. I see a lot of plates that make me laugh or groan, but I usually don’t remember them for very long. I saw one the other day that is sticking with me. It took me a little while to figure it out. Have your deciphered it yet?

What a wonderful message to share with fellow drivers: Be who you want to be.

I am entering a new phase of my own life, with my children reaching ages where they are more independent. I’m still needed, but in a more peripheral way. Soon they will be out of the house and pursuing their own young adult lives (I know, I know–probably not as soon as I think). The license plate has been a wonderful prompt for me to think about who I want to be, books I want to read, things I want to learn, and projects I want to undertake.

Driving can be so educational.

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