Succulent Container Garden

Succulent garden in the bay window.

Plants add so much to a room—color, texture, a bit of nature inside. In theory, I love plants. In practice, I forget to water them, or I have trouble matching a plant to the amount of sunlight that makes it happy. But the recent trend of succulent arrangements inspired me to give houseplants another try.

The containers are some silver pieces that belonged to my husband’s great grandparents. The note that was in the teapot says they received it as a wedding present in 1902. The teapot and the sugar bowl match. I am not even sure how the third piece, the taller one with the Grecian lines, is intended to be used. So succulent holder it is!

I measured the openings of the silver containers and then headed to the local garden center. I chose the succulents mainly by size. I knew I wanted a succulent that would drape out of the teapot. I am not sure of the names. They all have the same watering instructions: water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.

The plants need to drain, and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to drill holes in the family silver, so I rigged containers that would fit inside the silver. I was able to cut down two of the plastic containers to fit in the shallower silver pieces. Finding something to fit in the teapot was more of a challenge. I ended up cutting the top off an empty plastic water bottle. I put holes in the bottom of the water bottle and then added a few inches of aquarium gravel before adding the dirt.

The succulents seem happy sitting on a tray in the bay window, and I like having the silver pieces out on display. I have my fingers crossed that I can keep the plants alive for awhile.

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