Reading Throw Out Fifty Things

I enjoy clutter-busting books, and spring is a good time to get rid of a few things, so I thought Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life, by Gail Blanke, would be a refresher for me. Blanke’s high-energy personality comes though in her writing. She gets right in the trenches with you and keeps track of her own fifty things as the book progresses.

FiftyThings moves beyond cleaning out your closets and drawers. Don’t worry—there are plenty of pointers for getting rid of what Blanke calls the Physical Stuff. She helps you sort, discard, and let go of stuff that is taking up your valuable time, money, and energy. When your personal spaces are lighter and brighter, it is time to move on to what Blanke calls your Professional Clutter.

Getting rid of professional baggage, such as old presentations and ancient expense reports, can help you be more efficient in the workplace. Blanke also discusses focusing your personal brand to help you use your energy more effectively.

After your personal and professional areas are cleaned up, Blank tackles an area that isn’t usually covered in de-cluttering titles. Part Three of Fifty Things is called Attacking the Mental Mess. The chapters discuss letting go of regrets and mistakes, letting go of being right, letting go of thinking that you have to do everything yourself, and other thought patterns that should go.

The final portion of the book covers how to move forward with the insights you have gained through clearing the cobwebs from your personal, professional, and mental spaces. Blanke is supportive and inspirational, and her client examples are interesting and insightful.

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